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What is Xpress Technologies?

Xpress Technologies is a technology company that is revolutionizing the trucking industry by providing carriers like you with easy access to the freight and technology solutions needed for independence, growth and success in this new era of trucking.

Carriers in the Xpress Technologies network are seamlessly connected to exclusive, tailored load opportunities through an easy-to-use management suite of Load, Driver and Fleet tools—all enhanced by our pioneering Haulynx technology.

Your essential tools at no cost.

Is Xpress Technologies a load board?

No. The Xpress Technologies Load Platform is much more and is, in part, an evolution beyond traditional load boards. Similar to your favorite streaming video service, or online shopping retailer that recommends new videos, movies, or products, Xpress Technologies offers exclusive freight tailored to you at exclusive prices. While you certainly have the ability to manually browse and search for loads within the platform, our Smart Loads learn from your preferences to recommend the right loads, at the right time, at a better price.

Alright, what's the catch?

There is no catch. The Xpress Technologies platform of essential tools is a complete, no-cost, no-fee, no-contract solution that’s powered by load recommendations. You’ll receive access to the personalized freight and technology you need to keep your business thriving. You are under no obligation to accept our recommended loads and you’re free to use our pioneering Haulynx ELD solution and suite of tools for as long as you’d like!

Since it's a free service, it can't be that good, right?

Wrong. The Xpress Technologies suite of ELD, Driver, Loads, and Fleet Management tools are best-in-class and are either comparable to, or exceed the functionality of other subscription ELD, TMS, or load board providers. Our ELD is FMCSA-Registered to keep you in compliance with current and future regulations. In addition to our robust platform, our team of software and hardware engineers are consistently improving the capabilities of the Xpress Technologies solution with regular, frequent updates.

What if I don't like the loads you're sending me?

While we’re confident you’ll like the loads we send you, the Xpress Technologies platform is very flexible and is always learning how to offer better loads to you. If we’ve offered you a load you don’t like, let us know and our platform will use that information to improve the offers it sends you next time. It boils down to a simple concept: the more you use the Haulynx platform, the better the load offers will be.

Where can I find answers to my Xpress Technologies, Haulynx Mobile App, Haulynx Web App, or ELD technical questions?

For information and help using the Haulynx Mobile App, Haulynx Web App, or ELD, please visit Xpress Technologies Help. There you will find detailed instructions, tutorials, video guides, frequently asked questions and more. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact our U.S.-based support team either via phone number (480) 646-3545 or email at support@haulynx.com.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Our U.S.-based support team is ready to help you either through our dedicated support phone number (480) 646-3545, or via email at support@haulynx.com. Support hours are 6 AM – 6 PM Mountain Standard Time.

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